Finally... An Ultimate Treasure Chest Full of Everything A Writer Could Ever Wish For...AND MORE!  

Checklists, Cheatsheets, Worksheets, Writing Tips, Prompts, Generators, Articles, Resources, Tools, OH MY! 

PLUS - As The Cherry on Top, 

You Get 3 Incredible Bonuses

Could This Be What You've Been Secretly Searching For To Help You Publish Your Writing, Grow Your Business, and Be Read By Thousands of People Every Day?

I've been down the same road.


Trying to write. Grow a business. Get people to actually read my stuff.


Having tried it all, I was beaten down and ready to throw in the towel .


Roadblocks were my constant reality.


Of course, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

Something Happened that Changed
E V E R Y T H I N G . . .

They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to produce different results. Well... being a fairly sane person, I was out of fresh ideas. And nothing worked.


I was steps away from giving up.


But before I pulled the plug entirely...  


After making so many calculated mistakes, I couldn't believe I had stumbled on the answer.


These days, thanks to the treasure chest of tips, tools, checklists, cheatsheets, training, prompts and guidance you're about to get, things have gotten much better... 


and I know they will for you, too!

Hey there , I'm Joseph Michael and...

I'm most known as 'The Scrivener Coach' who helps people become world-class writers by mastering Scrivener. Through Learn Scrivener Fast and a multitude of other training programs I've helped even best-selling authors and full-time writers like Michael Hyatt and Joanna Penn create their best work. My specialty is helping writers discover untapped powers and hidden benefits, which is why writers like to say that I'm their secret weapon. 

And now I'm about to offer you a top secret collection that will give you a competitive advantage over even the most prolific of writers...



...This Writer's Treasure Chest Bundle will help you become a published author, novelist, and even professional blogger who literally wakes up "delighted to write every morning.”

* Macaw not to scale

I Assembled 

This Bundle...

To Make Sure You Never, Ever Struggle as a Writer Ever Again!...EVER

You'll Know This is For You If...

You’ve sat down, and stared at an empty page, and simply can’t get started with your writing.

​You’re able to get started, but invariably grind to a halt and can’t get the flow back.

​You find yourself stuck at a particular place in your piece, unable to move through it or work around it.

​You find your flow but suffer from the rare occurrence of that flow turning into subpar work or…

​…you just can’t bring yourself to sit down to write at all.

Imagine... feeling completely in control of your writing, finishing your work in progress, and even keeping your confidence and sanity through it all!

From stress, to not knowing where to start, what to focus on next or even writer's block, I’ve seen it all when it comes to the frustrations that writers face.


Trust me when I say, you’re not alone.

The problem is there are so many tools, resources, and training available for writers. BUT, if you're focused on writing then you don't have the time to track them all down, do the research and know what is good and what is a waste of time. Right? 


Luckily, I’ve done all that for you!

This Bundle Makes It To Where You Almost Don't Even Have To Think!

...And Unlike Other Resources That Are Only Geared Toward Fiction or Non-Fiction Writers - This is The Most Complete Collection of Resources Ever Assembled, For Writers of All Genres. 

I've spent the last 5 years and hundreds of hours compiling the definitive collection of 'treasure' for writers.


. . . I collected every helpful worksheet, hack, PDF, and guide 

. . . I designed my own custom worksheets and checklists


. . . I captured thousands of screenshots & infographics


. . . I spent countless hours stockpiling the best writing prompts 


. . . I analyzed every article I could I could find on promoting books


. . . I tested every writing tool and resource


. . . I talked with thousands of writers to find out exactly what shortcuts they wanted and needed most. 


And the best part is...all of my time in the trenches, all of those hundreds of hours of researching and collecting, all of it was for you


I assembled this bundle to completely cancel out the anxiety, pain, stress, & confusion you might feel from writing. 


Joseph Michael 's

This Bundle Is For Those Who...

  • Want to write, but can’t figure out where to start or what to say.

  • Want to get on top--and stay on top--of their writing career

  • Want a 'don't make me think' process for sharpening their writing skills

  • Want a 'fill in the blank' simple system to know every step along the way

Here's Everything You're 
Getting Right now...

The Writers Treasure Chest Bundle Is A Massive Collection of  Everything A Writer Needs To Hone Their Craft

And Includes The Following... 

Part #1

Checklists & Cheatsheets

17 step-by-step cheatsheets & checklists to follow in order to stay on track.  

Part #2

Writing Tips

23 different cheatsheets & Infographics to help improve your writing. 

Part #3

Writing & Grammar

62 pieces of treasure to help you master the tools of the trade...words!

Part #4

Writing Prompts

Over 600 themed writing prompts and multiple generators giving you an endless supply of inspiration. 

Part #5

Developing Characters

11 pieces of treasure tips to help you bring your characters to life in surprising ways. 

Part #6


Everything you need to know about how to organize and edit your writing. 

Part #7


In this section you'll find all the best checklists, cheatsheets, and resources to help you with all things publishing. 

Part #8


32 unique articles & resources covering everything from facebook strategies to getting reviews. 

Part #9

Tips, Tricks, & Treasure

34 pieces of treasure to help you improve everything from time management to writer's block & everything in between.

Part #10

How To Get Ideas

13 articles about finding ideas and 99 ways to stay creative make this section a must for all writers wanting to keep the words flowing. 

Part #11


28 Generators to make sure you never struggle with coming up with a name for your book or chapters. 

Part #12


A plethora of different dictionaries at your fingertips (even including slang dictionaries which may be the most useful these days) 

Part #13


All the best tools, websites, services, books, etc for writers. 

Part #14

Printable Checklists

This specific section includes a printer friendly version of all the checklists so you can keep them at your desk & physically check off those boxes!

Here Is Just Some of The Treasure You'll Find Inside:

  • 15 Ways To Create A Book Title (Without Overthinking It)
  • 100+ Transitions That Bridge The Gap Between Ideas
  • 5 Ways To Begin A Story Scene
  • How To Show Physical Signals of Fear
  • How To Write A Scene in 11 Steps
  • Body Language Cheat Sheet For Writers
  • 7 Top Tips For Beating Writer’s Block
  • The Perfect Outline For A Killer Book Blurb
  • 50 Prompts For Writing Dialogue
  • 7 Basic Plot 
  • How To Keep The Tension In Your Story
  • The Writing Process As An Outline
  • 10 Ways To End Your Novel
  • The Story Structure Diagram
  • The 10 Laws of Story Flow
  • 8 Tips For Writing Highly Emotional Scenes
  • The Average Novel Length By Genre & Age Range
  • 7 Types of Opening Sentences (with examples)
  • The 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' of Writing A Novel
  • Step-By-Step Directions For Writing Your Next Piece of Content
  • Collection of 'One-Liners'
  • Collection of Funny Sayings
  • Collection of Tongue Twisters
  • Internet Acronyms
  • The Stages of Grief
  • Day-By-Day Outline For NaNoWriMo
  • Five Common Dialogue Mistakes Writer's Make
  • ​First Chapter Worksheet: What To Include & Avoid

Here is even more treasure you'll be getting...

  • 15-Point Self-Editing Checklist
  • ​Opening Page Checklist - 4 Must Haves To Hook Your Reader
  • 17-Point Checklist For Writing A Thriller
  • ​19-Point Checklist For Writing Your Manuscript
  • What To Include & Avoid In Your First Chapter (Cheatsheet)
  • ​Kindle Ebook Structure (Checklist)
  • Creating a Winning Title & Ebook Cover (Checklist)
  • ​7 Essentials For Putting Together a Quality Book (Checklist)
  • Which Kindle Category To Choose (Cheatsheet)
  • ​Pricing Your Kindle Book (Cheatsheet)
  • The Correct Way To Upload Your Book To Amazon (Cheatsheet)
  • ​How To Write An Interview Style Kindle Book (Cheatsheet)
  • Writing a "101 Tips" or "101 Ideas for..." Book (Cheatsheet)
  • ​Writing "All About" and "What You Need To Know" Books (Cheatsheet) 
  • Body Language (Cheatsheet)
  • ​Average Novel Length By Genre & Age Range

Never Struggle With Grammar Again!

...It's like having an English teacher on speed dial

  • Punctuation do's and don'ts
  • 100 Ways To Say “BAD”
  • ​100 Ways To Say “GOOD”
  • 10 Dialogue Errors Writers Should Avoid At All Costs
  • ​16 Boring Words & What To Use Instead
  • Tricky Preposition Errors To Watch Out For
  • 280 Different Ways to Say “SAID”
  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Grammar
  • 10 Confusing Words & How To Nail Them Every Time
  • 10 Alternatives For The Top 5 Emotions (Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused, Surprised)
  • ​6 Grammar Errors That Can Affect Your Storytelling 
  • 10 Commonly Misunderstood Words In English
  • The Top 10 Apostrophe Mistakes
  • How To Master Colon & Semicolon
  • ​8 Important Phrasal Verbs of Movement
  • 10 Idioms With A National Twist
  • 10 Most Annoying Words On The Internet
  • Whether or If? Tips & Tricks of Conditionals
  • ​Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Confusing Verbs
  • ​Understanding Modals of Necessity
  • All You Need To Know About Reflexive Pronouns
  • ​Conditional Clauses Tips & Tricks
  • Anyone / No One VS Any One / None
  • 12 Idioms about love
  • How To Use Quotation Marks & Punctuation
  • ​Musical Idioms
  • 10 Hyphenation Tips
  • Top 12 Useful Internet Acronyms
  • UK vs US Commonly misspelled words
  • 12 Idioms About Romance
  • ​12 Idioms About Money
  • 20 Clutter Words & Phrases To Avoid
  • Who VS Whom
  • Could Care Less OR Couldn’t Care Less
  • ​Either or Neither & Double Negatives
  • Anyway VS Anyways
  • Confusing Homonyms
  • How To Master Predicates
  • ​Plural & Possessive Uses of “S”
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • ​10 Idioms About Knowledge
  • A List of The Most Commonly used Idioms
  • ​Troublesome Words (& the fix)
  • 14 Rules - How & When To Use Quotation Marks
  • ​21 Rules - How & When To use The Comma
  • 11 Rules - How & When To Use The Period
  • ​12 Rules - How & When To Use The Apostrophe
  • 10 Rules - How & When To Use The Colon
  • ​10 Idioms About Food
  • How To Deal With Appositives
  • ​Gerund: Hints & Tips
  • (Examples + Infographic) - 10 Idioms About Life
  • ​(Examples + Infographic) - 10 Colorful Idioms
  • (Examples + Infographic) - 10 Idioms About Relationships
  • ​(Examples + Infographic) - 10 Idioms About Home
  • (Examples + Infographic) - 12 Idioms About Time
  • ​(Examples + Infographic) - 10 Animal Idioms
  • Coordinating Conjunctions And How To Use Them
  • ​10 Onomatopoeic Words
  • Commonly Confused Adjectives With Explanations
  • ​Common Rules For Capital Letter Usage
  • Plot Generator (Novel, Film, or Short Story)
  • ​All Purpose Writing Prompt Generator
  • Seventh Santum Writing Prompt Generator
  • ​Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Prompt Generator
  • 365 Random Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Ideas
  • ​64 Fantasy Writing Prompts
  • 20 Amazing Story-Telling Writing Prompts
  • ​47 Horror Writing Prompts
  • 74 Mystery Writing Prompts
  • ​44 Romance Writing Prompts
  • 49 Sci-Fi Writing Prompts
  • ​21 Dialogue Writing Prompts

Develop Your Characters...


  • Developing Your Character’s Backstory & Personal History
  • How To Kill A Character (The Checklist)
  • Things You Should Know About Each Of Your Characters
  • ​57 Senses of Things Your Character May Be Aware of
  • How To Make A Character People Love To Hate
  • Fun Ways For Characters To Be Wrong
  • Physical Flaws To Add To Any Character
  • 7 Ways To Discover Your Character’s Name
  • How To Make A Character With A Cute Personality
  • 100 Ways To Describe Your Character’s Eyes
  • How To Make A Lovable Villain (while still keeping them evil)

Edit, Publish, & Promote Your Work...

  • 25 Editing Tips For Tightening Your Copy
  • How To Self-Edit Your Writing: 8 Tips
  • How To Organize Your Editing
  • 8 Strategies For Editing Your First Draft
  • The Top 7 Publishing Platforms You Need To Know About
  • 16 of my Favorite Publishing Blogs
  • 13 Publishing Podcasts All Authors Should Know
  • 8 Tools & Services For Creating Ebook Files
  • 6 Self-Publishing Guides
  • 4 Tools & Services For Creating Enhanced, Multimedia, or Full-Color Ebooks
  • (Collection) - Choosing Your Ebook Retailers and Distributors
  • (5 Articles) - Optimizing Your Product Page and Description
  • (5 Resources) - News & Trends About Ebook Publishing 
  • (Article + Checklist) - 7 Things To Do Before You Self-Publish
  • (Article + Checklist) - Paperback Book Self-Publishing Checklist
  • (Article + Checklist) - Kindle Self Publishing Checklist
  • (Infographic) - Book Publishing Paths
  • (Article + Checklist) - The Self-Publishing Checklist: Editorial, Production, and Distribution 
  • (Worksheet) - Self-Publishing Interactive Worksheet
  • (PDF Checklist) - Self-Publishing-Checklist 
  • (Collection) - Self-Publishing Books
  • 182 Quotes About Book Marketing
  • (13 Articles) - Sales, Marketing, and Promotion
  • (3 Articles) - Giveaways and Discounts
  • (7 Articles) - Getting Reviews
  • (3 Articles) - Facebook Strategies
  • (PDF Ebook) - Book Marketing Checklist
  • (Collection) - Marketing Books For Writers
  • 18 Writing Tips For Creativity
  • Examples of Narrative Endings
  • Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling
  • 14 Tips From Stephen King’s On Writing
  • 29 Ways To Stay Creative
  • 5 Tips For Writing Better Subplots
  • 6 Ways To Be a Better Storyteller
  • 33 Unusual Tips To Being A Better Writer 
  • Yoga For Writers
  • Am I A Famous Writer Yet?
  • It Is Never Too Late To Start Writing Your Bestseller
  • Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors
  • The Stages of Grief
  • Bestseller Formula
  • Tips of Famous Writers For Improving Your Style
  • How To Conveniently Publishing Your eBook To Major eBook Retailers
  • The Main Steps For A Successful eBook
  • How To Be A Great Storyteller
  • The Shapes of Stories (See the ups and downs of a main character)
  • 10 Ways To Promote Your Self-Published Book
  • ​25 Proven Strategies To Beat Writer’s Block
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • ​Your Writing Cabinet Organization Cheat Sheet
  • 50 Inspiring Quotes About Writing From The World’s Greatest Authors
  • ​The Art And Science of Storytelling
  • 20 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors
  • ​The Top Five Method For Killing Procrastination
  • 88 Inspirational Quotes About Writing A Novel
  • ​The Productivity Manifesto: 50 Ways To Boost Your Productivity
  • 14 Things To Think Through When Building A Fantasy World
  • ​Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing
  • How To Write A Book Series: 10 Tips For Writing Smash Hits
  • ​An Effective Beginner’s Guide To Writing Books
  • The Writer’s Rule Book

Name Generators, Dictionaries, & Resources...

  • (7) Fantasy Name Generators
  • (6) Sci-Fi Name Generators
  • (5) Horror Name Generators
  • (4) Romance Title Generators
  • (2) Mystery Novel Title Generators
  • (3) Non-Fiction Title Generators
  • All Purpose Name Generator
  • (13 Articles) - How To Get Ideas
  • 70 Ways To Stay Creative
  • 29 More Ways To Stay Creative
  • (21) Dictionaries
  • (11) Language Dictionaries
  • (6) Slang Dictionaries
  • (5 Resources) - For Freelance Editors
  • (6 Resources) - For Freelance Book Cover Designers 
  • (30) - Favoriter Books For Writers
  • (3 Resources) - For Editorial and marketing assistance
  • (Collection) - 111 Tools For Writers
  • (PDF) - 101 Best Websites For Writers
  • (38 Resources) - For Grammar, Styles & Errors in English

Printable Checklists...

  • Kindle Self-Publishing Checklist
  • Self-Publishing Checklist For Print Publishing
  • 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Writing Your Nonfiction Book
  • How To Write A Series: 6 Elements For Creating A Multi-Novel Story
  • Novel Revision & Editing Checklist
  • 35 Questions To Ask When Critiquing A Novel
  • 25 Editing Tips For Tightening Your Copy
  • 8 Ways To Improve Your Non-Fiction Writing
  • 17 Point Checklist For Writing a thriller
  • Writing Your Manuscript Checklist
  • Developing Your Character’s Backstory & Personal History
  • 21 Everyday Writing Ideas Checklist
  • Writing A Synopsis Worksheet
  • Set The Scene Worksheet
  • Plot Hole Gapping Worksheet
  • License To Write Worksheet
  • Quick Character Creator Worksheet

You'll Get Over 1,000 Resources

Complete With Lifetime  + 24/7 Access 

Finally... a fill in the blank system to get on top and stay on top of your writing career

Only $197!

Why am I doing this? I'm offering my personal collection that has taken me over 5 years as my way of supporting you and helping you sharpen your writing skills while removing all stress and anxiety!

And if the HUGE savings isn't reason to 


To Be Sure You Have Everything You Need To Write Like Never Before I'm Also Including 3 Bonuses!

IMPORTANT! If these 3 bonus gifts were sold separately, they'd 
go for over $491

Bonus #1

Launch a Bestseller Planner ($97 value)

Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud of it. However, once the book is written, the whole point is for the book to sell. You can’t just publish the book and expect it to take off without any effort on your part. There is too much competition and too many titles on the market.


With the right planning and actions, you can set your book up for success and create a bestselling title! Having a bestseller not only earns you money but it opens so many doors.


The Step-by-Step Planner Covers


  • How to lay a solid foundation by utilizing an author website (you’ll see page by page what to include)

  • How to polish your social presence and brand yourself for visibility

  • How to create a high-converting landing page (and why every link to your book should direct to this landing page and NOT your homepage)

  • How to tease your launch so that you generate tons of interest so people are ready to buy when your title drops. 

  • How to create an email nurture sequence that promotes your book automatically 

  • Exactly how many emails your nurture sequence should include - (hint: it’s not as many as you think…too many emails could backfire)

Take a peak at the detailed planner you'll get:

Bonus #2

Social Media For Writers ($297 value)

Here's just some of what you'll learn in this social media mega pack for writers:


 Facebook For Writers: 

  • How To Advertise A Book On Facebook (step-by-step)

  • How To Create A Facebook Author Page 

  • How To Use Facebook Live for Authors

  • ​The 4 Best Types of Facebook Ads for Authors (with examples and pictures) 

  • Facebook Etiquette and Strategies for Authors

  • ​Facebook Ads Case Study: One Author’s Experience 

  • 10 of the most important Facebook Advertising tips (to help you get up and running with a successful ad campaign in no time at all)

  • 10 Ways Authors Can Grow a Facebook Group

  • 5 Ways to use Facebook Groups to Build Book Buzz

  • Why And How To Create A Facebook Group As A Self-Published Author 

  • BONUS: 57 of the best Facebook Groups for writers (that you can join right now)


 Instagram For Writers: 

  • How to Win Instagram If You Are a Writer 

  • How Writers Can Use Instagram to Promote Books 

  • How to Use Instagram As An Author Plus 10 Ways to Grow Your Account Organically 

  • 5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers with Great Writing

  • How to Promote Your Book On Instagram (step-by-step + pictures and examples)

  • 15 Instagram Book Marketing Ideas from Publishers (stop over-thinking it and just use these!)

  • BONUS: Master list of the best Instagram hashtags for writers to use in their posts (literally just copy and paste)


 Twitter For Writers: 

  • Why And How Writers Should Embrace Twitter (No Excuses)!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Writers (practically paint by numbers easy)

  • Twitter 101 for Authors: Hashtags, Do’s & Don’ts 

  • How To Build A Twitter Following In Just 5 Minutes A Day (for those pressed for time)

  • 10 authors who are brilliant at Twitter (with examples and screenshots of their tweets)

  • 20 Twitter Accounts All Aspiring Writers Should Follow 

  • BONUS: Master list of Twitter hashtags for connecting with authors...readers...for writing & publishing info...for creativity & inspiration...for book promotions...for specific book genres...for eBook...and more!


 Pinterest For Writers: 

  • ​Pinterest for authors: a step-by-step guide 

  • A beginner's guide to Pinterest for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide

  • 23 Authors Using Pinterest for Book Marketing & Inspiration (examples and pictures) 

  • 34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand 

  • Pinterest for Authors: 4 Ways to Visualize Your Novel (All The Kissing) 

  • BONUS: 30 of the best Pinterest groups to join for writers

Bonus #3

Virtual Book Tour Planner ($97 value)

While publishing a book is a fantastic way to bring your message to the masses, the masses won’t know you exist unless you do some marketing. And what better way to market than to use the power of the internet?


Add a virtual book tour to the mix and you’ll create buzz and excitement, either before your book launches or even after it’s been out for a few months. People crave excitement and they want to take part in the fun.


This Step-By-Step Planner Includes:

  • How to determine a realistic book tour goal and create the tools needed

  • ​How to identify your ideal reader and why it’s important even for fiction novelists to understand who their ideal reader is and how they will react to the story being told. 

  • The most important 12 questions every author should be able to answer about their reader

  • How to get the attention of influencers with big audiences (and exactly what to say and what not to say)

  • How to research popular blogs that have the attention of your potential readers

  • How to get featured on the best podcasts in order to get the undivided attention of your potential reader

Take a peak at the meaty planning guide you'll get: 

Huge $687 Value -

Plus You'll Get These Huge Bonuses!

Full Price: $687

Everything is Yours for ONLY $197


As always...


As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the Writer's Treasure Chest Bundle (plus the bonuses)

  • Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & take it on the go with you as well)

  • Allow up to 15 minutes to receive your welcome email and login information.

Frequently Asked Questions





A: This collection is beneficial to all types of writers. The resources included tackle the big and small barriers that keep you from writing your book. 

All writers, regardless of their genre, must go through the exact same process. My goal with this collection of resources is to offer you a "don't make me think" system for sharpening your writing skills and accelerating your writing career.





A: As with all my programs, you will have lifetime access. I want this training to be something that you can reference whenever you need it and something that can serve you over and over again as you write more books.  


(WARNING: Writing and publishing your books - seeing the positive impact you're able to make on people's lives can be addicting) 😉





A: With the Writer's Treasure Chest Bundle, no physical products will be mailed. This is an online collection only and you will have lifetime access to the contents via our membership area. You will be able to access the material on any device that can connect to the internet. 

Some people like to pull up the materials on their home computer...others prefer an iPad or tablet -- some even like to print it out.





A: Absolutely! While you are free to print any of the material you find in the Treasure Chest there is a specific section called "Printable Checklists" which includes a printer friendly version of all the checklists. You'll find a nice big print button in the upper right corner of all the documents.

Normally $197 for Just the Writer's Treasure Chest Bundle...

  • Writer's Treasure Chest Bundle ($197)

  • BONUS #1: Launch A Bestseller Planner ($97)

  • BONUS #2: Social Media For Writers Combo Pack ($297)

  • BONUS #3: Virtual Book Tour Planner ($97)

If You Bought Everything Separate: $687

Today Only $197 

This is a 100% Digital product. The materials will be provided for you to access on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You get all content immediately after purchasing. No physical product of any kind will be shipped to you.


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